A Visual Analytics Framework for Contrastive Network Analysis

Videos, Datasets, and User Study Materials

1. Paper

Our paper is available on [arXiv].

2. Demo Video

Video 1: A demonstration of ContraNA visual interface.

3. Animation of Changes of Node Projection When Updating Contrastive Parameter (Fig. 8)

(a) Without the sign adjustment

(b) With the sign adjustment

Video 2: Changes of node projection by updating contrastive parameter (a) without and (b) with sign adjustment.

4. Network Datasets (Table 1)

Tutorial 1: Price1 and Random1 [js file], [visualized image]

Tutorial 2: Random1 and Random2 [js file], [visualized image]

Tutorial 3, Case Study 2: LC-multiple [1] and Combined-AP/MS [2] [js file], [visualized image], [original source]

Training: School-Day2 and School-Day1 [3] [js file], [visualized image], [original source]

Task A: Brain-Low [4] and Brain-High [js file], [visualized image], [original source]

Task B, Case Study 1: p2p-Gnutella08 [5,6] and Price2 [js file], [visualized image], [original source]

Task C: Dolphin [7] and Karate [8] [js file], [visualized image], [original source]

* If you use these datasets for your publication, please follow the citation policy of each original source.



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5. User Study Materials

Survey and interview form, explanation slides, and task orders [download]

6. Related Paper

Interprtable Contrastive Learning for Networks (Introduction of cNRL) [arXiv]