Interactive Dimensionality Reduction for Comparative Analysis

Demonstration Videos, Source Code, Evaluation Details, and Supplemental Evaluation

1. Demo Video

Video 1: A demonstration of the functionality of the framework.

2. Source Code, Performance Evaluation, Case Studies

The source code of our framework (including ULCA and the visual interface), performance evaluation, and case studies [GitHub Link].

* The source code contains all the analysis processes used for performance evaluation and case studies.

3. Datasets

1. Wine (Sect. 3: Analysis Example) [data source]. The dataset is also available in scikit-learn.

2. 20 Newsgroups (Sect. 6: Performance Evaluation) [data source]. The dataset is also available in scikit-learn.

3. PPIC Statewide Survey (October 2018) (Sect. 7.1: Case Study 1) [data source], [survey report].

4. MNIST Handwritten Digits (Sect. 7.2: Case Study 2) [data source]. The dataset is also available can be fetched from scikit-learn.

* If you use these datasets for your publication, please follow the citation policy of each data source.

4. Supplemental Evaluation

Comparison of ULCA and other dimensionality reduction methods [pdf document].